Workplace heating, every user its own comfort zone

Prestyl’s under desk heater offers each user its own comfort zone. The product is supplied adjustable so each user can define his own heat. You were already familiar with the local heating of people and objects, but this adjustable product brings this to a completely new level.

Where to install
The ideal place to install the Prestyl under desk infrared heater is under the table top.
under desk 2

If this is not possible, it may also be used at the back cover of desks.
under desk

Another option is to place it against, for example, your office cabinet. With the stepless control, it is possible to manually adjust the intensity of the device and to determine the heat easily and smoothly to your liking. You will never have to experience cold feet again when you’re working with a Prestyl under desk heater. The Prestyl under desk heater is the ideal device for (local) additional heating. The product is also well usable in order to keep small the materials or products at a certain temperature.

Adjustable operation
The model PR6030W uses a hybrid resistor and is designed to work with the stepless controller / switch. The radiating surface gets warmer after a few seconds when turning the panel on, the maximum operating temperature will be reached after 10-15 minutes.

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