Heating equatation

People have been using heat to keep themselves and their environment warm since the birth of mankind. You will get an understanding of the different heating methods and how infrared heating has grown into this in the part heating equation.

Infrared heating

Infrared heating is advantageous both in price and consumption use. The consumption is dependent on the situation as with all heating systems. infrared heating has reached a point, after years of development, to where it leaves the conventional heating miles behind. Sensational heat at a sensational price, what more can you wish for?

Infrared panels

Comfort Heating Infrared Technology sells qualitatively superior infrared panels with the Prestyl and Heatscreen product lines. These panels are used from homes to industrial buildings, no challenge is too great for the infrared panels of Comfort heating Infrared Technology.

Main heating

After years of using traditional heating systems as main heating, the switch to infrared heating is an increasingly common fact. We create a sensational heated, homogeneous space with a minimum temperature difference between floor and ceiling by using infrared heating.

Additional heating

Infrared heating can not only be used as main heating, it is also a great solution for additional heating.