Project United Waalhaven Terminals

United Waalhaven Terminals is a company that is concerned with the repair of reefer containers among other things. It regularly happens that reefer containers come back damaged after a long trip and must be repaired. This used to be a long operation, but it is accelerated and optimized with the use of Heatscreen infrared heating panels. The repair is accomplished by filling holes in the damaged walls with a special kind of foam as insulation. The drying of the whole always took a great amount of time, but with warming through Heatscreen panels the whole is carried out a whole lot faster since the components in the insulation start to work faster and thus dry more quickly. The container is heated before the insertion of the insulation, whereby the components in the foam are more rapidly activated by the higher temperature. After insertion of the foam the Heatscreen panels are turned off, after which the components in the isolation can take its course. After drying of the insulation, the damaged plates are replaced and the container is ready to take into use again.

Height adjustable Heatscreen

By means of steel cables Heatscreen panels can be adjusted to the correct height for repair

Heat resistant fabrics for protection

Because the insulating foam expands quickly, it is necessary to protect the IR panels against this foam with heat-resistant fabrics.

Heatscreen panels securely attached

By attaching the Heatscreen panels insulation dries quickly and accelerates the repair of reefer containers.

Repaired containers

Here you will see some repaired parts of the reefer container. The insulation is dry and the plates can be reconfirmed.