Project healthcare

Within healthcare facilities and hospitals we now have unbreakable panels, the Prestyl. The biggest advantage of this is the beneficial contribution to the health of both the patient and medical staff. Due the lack of air circulation, the heated area remains free of dust circulation and therefore completely sterile. Also, the panels are maintenance free, which is essential within health care.

Prestyl heating panels

An unbreakable panel, especially for healthcare

Unbreakable panels within a O.K.

A part of an operating room with Prestyl heating panels applied

Application in an operational O.K.

A number of Prestyl panels to heat the staff during the work

A Prestyl in the back of the surgeon

Prestyl for the heating of a part of an OK

An example of an operating panel

Prestyl panels for heating of the executive staff

A heating panel in a hospital

Unbreakable Prestyl panels for healthcare facilities and hospitals