Project Zeebrugge

In Zeebrugge (Belgium) we have completed a great project with our Heatscreen infrared heating panels. In this shipyard, a boat lift for mine sweepers of the NATO, they have tried two earlier attempts with other heating systems. They didn’t work because the rising air escaped almost immediately from the relatively open property. After placing 360 of our infrared heating panels, everything is now comfortably warm and the problem is solved. The advantage is that the ships are fully serviceable in the winter for maintenance now.

You can find the online version of our slidebook here.

Heatscreen infrared heating panels

A section of the used heating panels

Project Zeebrugge

Heatscreen as large object heater

Mine sweeper under maintenance

Heatscreen panels to heat up the heavy equipment

Thermal imaging

Heatscreen panels which allow winter maintenance

The NATO shipyard Zeebrugge

NATO Zeebrugge infrared
The large maintenance hall that can accommodate three minesweepers for maintaining

Shipyard Zeebrugge

A heat measurement with proof of the warming of the minesweeper