In a large office building in The Hague, we have created a comfortable temperature using our infrared heating panels. Since this property is very large and has spaciously been set up, the surface to be heated is very large. We have applied the so-called spot heating principle using different stylish black Prestyl panels. This way it’s not necessary that the whole space is warmed up but only the places that are considered important. Besides, the beautiful black panels blend in great with the interior of the property.

Prestyl panels as lobby heating

Stylish black glossy infrared panels to heat the lobby

Desk heating with Prestyl panels

An ideal application for counter staff in large areas

Stylish, modern heating

Inconspicuous, space saving heating

Prestyl panels mounted to cables

Prestyl applications are also to be mounted on cables in order to achieve the ideal height

To mount however you like!

With support of cables or directly to ceiling or wall, everything is possible with the Prestyl panels

Multiple panels on ideal height

Even in places with windows nearby the heating panels work effectively