Project London Heathrow Airport

Within London Heathrow Airport we have a dozen of our Prestyl panels installed above check-in counters. Through this system of spot heating, the desk staff will be warm during their work. By their modern appearance, these panels also add a beautiful sight. You therefore have an effective and efficient way of heating, without the adverse incidentals of a conventional heating system.

Counter heating

Heathrow application of the Prestyl

Spot heating at London Heathrow Airport

A single panel is adequate for heating of the staff

Prestyl for heating of the staff

A large hall with a panel used for spot heating

Prestyl application above the check-in

Prestyl panel at London Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport London spot heating

A Prestyl above a check-in counter with the main goal of staff heating

Black Prestyl panel as a heater

Modern Prestyl application as spot heater