Infrared heating; Bring the heat of the sun into your house

Infrared heating in practice
Infrared rays are invisible to the human eye, but visible on the skin due to their heating effects. Long wave infrared heats objects directly without having to heat up the air first. With radiant heat, the space is in fact a part of the heating system. Walls, floors, furniture, and the persons absorb radiant heat rays, and convey this off in turn (accumulating operation). As a result, the effect will be extra effective. Such an IR system results in a homogeneous, sensational heated room.

Did you know that infrared has a beneficial effect on the human body by promoting better blood circulation? It also helps relieve joint pain and counteracts bacterial growth (mould). Source “Therapeutic Heat and Cold nr4. Published by Ed Justus, F. Lehmann, M.D. Wiliams en Wilkins.”.

Consumption of infrared heating
The costs of infrared heating, as with a conventional heating system, depends on the situation. The user’s settings are an important aspect of the whole consumption overview as with a conventional heating system. From the study done by the Technical University of Kaiserslautern and many years of our own experience we dare to say that you can reduce your energy bills by at least 33 percent by installing an infrared heating system. You can even be completely self-sufficient in the area of heating in combination with solar panels.

Price of infrared heating
The price of an infrared heating system depends on the required total power which is to be installed. You can calculate how many and which panels you would need for a complete IR heating system with this simple calculation. The prices of our products can be found in our shop. You can specify your details here for a direct non-committal quotation.

Experience Infrared heating yourself?
Did you get curious by all the information you can find on IR heating and would you like to experience the overwhelming warmth of infrared heaters for yourself? You are always welcome in our showroom for a free exploratory meeting. We would appreciate it if you’d make an appointment in advance so that we can take your visit into account.