Infrared panels; heating effective and profitable

Prestyl infrared panels
Prestyl’s long-wave IR-panels have long been the leading market leader in the field of infrared heating. Prestyl’s infrared panel can both be used as a main heating source as an additional heater and offers a sensational result every time!

Infrared heating with the Prestyl panels is the heating of the future. Because of its unique structure of high-quality components, they are rewarded with virtually all labels in the world for its performance and safety.You will always be able to heat your bathroom, complete house or whatever other application you can think of energy efficient paired with a wireless thermostat by using infrared heat radiation.

Heatscreen infrared panels
Besides the Prestyl infrared heating panels, Comfort Heating also brings an infrared panel on the market for outdoor and industrial applications, named Heatscreen. The Heatscreen is unique in its kind by both the performance and appearance. The Heatscreen has an IP65 rating which allows it to be used safely in wet environments. Whether you have a (production) environment, church, business hall you like to heat as a whole or in smaller areas with the principle of spot heating, the Heatscreen always offers the ideal solution.

Consumption of infrared panels
Research conducted by the University of Kaiserslautern has shown that infrared heating systems compared to conventional heating systems can result in savings of at least 33% with correct placement and installation in combination with a wireless thermostat. The benefit on your energy bill can rise significantly with the use of infrared panels.

Installation and Maintenance of infrared panels
The infrared panels are all supplied with simple mounting material, so the installation can be performed by almost anyone himself. Since the panels require no maintenance they can be assembled wonderfully in a ceiling for example. So you will no longer have to welcome an annual maintenance engineer with associated costs.

Reliability and guarantees
Both the Prestyl as Heatscreen infrared heating panels have been successfully vetted for quality and safety by various research organizations. Comfort Heating fully supports the proper functioning of the offered products and offers guarantees for several years on all its products.

Infrared panels; how and where to purchase
Buying infrared panels has become extremely easy by the growing possibilities of the Internet. Comfort Heating Infrared Technology has its own webshop with all its products. With Payment options like iDEAL, PayPal and bank transfer there is always an option that suits your payment needs. The products are delivered from stock, so basically you can almost instantly enjoy your infrared heating panels.