Projects with infrared heating

Maas Cargroup

Maas infrared

Car showrooms also lend themselves perfectly to infrared heating

Vakgarage van der Bijl

Vakgarage van der Bijl

Complete heating with infrared at Vakgarage van der Bijl

Project Zeebrugge(Belgium)


NATO-project in Zeebrugge (Belgium)

TMS Terneuzen


Infrared heating at steel company TMS Terneuzen



Prestyl applications at the Prinsenhof

Composail Scheveningen


A perfect solution for old yards

London Heathrow Airport


Prestyl panels in London’s Heathrow Airport

Forteiland IJmuiden


Prestyl panels as heating of the Forteiland IJmuiden



Unbreakable Prestyl panels for hospitals

Woning Brussels


Prestyl applications in a residence in Brussels

Project Jardin


Heatscreen applied as spot heater on the production lane

Primera store


Prestyl infrared heating panels applied in a ceiling at Primera

Bathrooms within healthcare

Prestyl Infrared heating within healthcare

An ideal application for patients

Siemens office The Hague

Siemens The Hague Infrared

Infrared panels at the Siemens location The Hague

Headquarter ING Amsterdam

Headquarter ING Amsterdam

Infrared heating applied within the ING headquarter in Amsterdam

Amersfoort Zoo

Infrard in Amersfoort Zoo

Infrared can even be a great solution in Zoos

The Bloemerie


Prestyl infrared panels in The Bloemerie Wassenaar

United Waalhaven Terminals


Heatscreen infrared panels applied with container reparation

APK Superservice

Infrared APK Superservice

The employees of APK Superservice stay warm at work with the use of Heatscreen infrared heaters

Horecasquare garden fair

Horeca square garden fair

Heatscreen 2300W infrared panels used at the horeca square of the garden fair

Milking robots

Milking robots

Heatscreen 2300W infrared heating panels are also a great way of frost protection of milking robots

Church Honselersdijk

Church Honselersdijk

We have created a comfort zone for the church choir with the use of a couple of infrared panels

VIBA Award Ceremony

VIBA Award Ceremony

The VIBA Award Ceremony took place on thursday 5 februari 2015

Massage- and fysiotherapy parlor


A fysio- and massage parlor is even healthier and more effective with the use of infrared heating

Supergym Rijswijk

Supergym Rijswijk

With some Prestyl heating panels, we have created a number of heated spots for athletes of Supergym

Yogastudio NU

Yogastudio NU

Heatscreen infrared heating in hot yoga studio NU.

Prestyl applications in residences

Prestyl infrared heater

The Prestyl is also an elegant solution within residences

Office applications


Prestyl applications within office environments