Amersfoort zoo

We have been using infrared heating panels to accomplish a wonderful project in Amersfoort Zoo. Using Heatscreen infrared heating panels we have created basking areas in the Aldabra giant tortoises stay. The turtles make good use of the heat that the infrared panels provide them. The Heatscreen infrared panels are great for sunbathing under. In the zoo we provide the sun! Besides the use of LED lights to mimic the sun, infrared heating is ideal for animals that need a warm climate. Since infrared heating is a natural form of heat, these animals thrive perfect with it. The ultimate goal is that the animals propagate, so creating a natural habitat is crucial. With the use of Heatscreen heating panels we provide a helping hand.

Heatscreen in the zoo

zonneplaats met Infrarood
With Heatscreen heating panels basking areas got created for the giant tortoises

Basking areas for giant tortoises

LED Light and natural heating offers the turtles a desired environment

Enjoying the natural heat

Heatscreen panels for heating the Aldabra giant tortoises

Infrared as a heat source

Since all turtles are within the basking areas, the conclusion can be drawn that infrared heating provides a pleasant warmth

Heatscreen as a turtle heater

The Heatscreen radiates a sizable area, allowing multiple turtles to enjoy the heat

Energy efficient climate heaters

Using the Heatscreen panels a warm climate for the Aldabra giant tortoises has been simulated