Infrared heating panels used for additional heating

Infrared heating panels are an ideal solution for additional heating. You basically heat where you want the heat by applying the so-called “spot heating” principle. Because of the direct radiation of objects and people you save the cost to heat an entire room but you create your local comfort zones. This principle provides an additional advantage over the almost direct heat on your chosen places. You are working sensibly in the field of energy savings and this will repay on your annual bill.
For applications of infrared panels as additional heating, you could think of:

  • A bathroom that only has to be warm in use
  • Receptions in large atriums
  • A garage where one has made a recreational area
  • A production room where only the workstations require heat
  • Animal facilities, for example, tropical animals
  • A spare room that just needs to be hot in use
  • A basement with moisture problems
  • An attic without heating
  • Large (industrial) halls
  • Heating of garage personnel
  • Milking robots and other agricultural applications
  • Exhibition halls