infrared heating within business units
Units are almost always delivered empty without a heating system, a huge brain teaser for owners / tenants.

“I received an offer for a heat pump for my business unit with a price tag of €15.000. This is a significant investment for a property where I am not always present” according to mr. Reichert. “I have now opted for an infrared system from Comfort Heating, where I am ready for only a tenth of the price (+/- €1.500) and can easily control the system remotely and only have to switch it on an hour in advance”.

other benefits
– Cost saving
– Minimum energy consumption
– Noiseless
– Movable
– Sustainable
– Efficient
– High comfort
– User friendly
– Maintenance free

satisfied users
Another example of a very satisfied user can be found in the video below.
mr. Spa from Spuiterij Spa has converted its business unit into a paint shop and also greatly benefits from its installed infrared heating system. In addition to the fact that no dust is circulating, he can also manage his entire process well.