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New product available

We have a new product in our range We have a new product available in our webshop. You simply mount this infrared panel under your desk and this will result in delicious warm feet and legs. You will never again […]

New banner flags

They welcome you as usual again We are going into the winter with a new set of banner flags. Our flags welcome you warmly to our business location once again. You’ll never wonder if you have arrived at the correct […]

Newsletter October 2014

The newsletter of the month October You can read the newsletter of October here. Through this way you can stay informed of developments in the field of infrared, infrared heating and Li-Tech Comfort Heating bv. Make sure you never miss […]

New projects

Heating of churches We have been able to heat two churches in the past period by using our infrared heating. The first church is located in Honselersdijk, where the choir needed a warm room for practicing without warming up the […]

Halloween means scary low prices!

Happy Halloween Our scary low prices also apply on Halloween. Are you not yet aware of the competitive prices that we charge for our infrared heating panels and accessories? Then Visit at our online shop and be surprised by the […]

The summer is coming to an end

The end of the summer Our beautiful summer is meteorological over, to our great regret. But the summer isn’t completely over yet. Astronomical we have until the 21st of September to enjoy it. We hope, just like you, for another […]

Your last chance!

Last chance Today is the last day to place your order through the webshop before our (construction) holiday. Orders placed after today will be delivered after week 34 (from 25th of August). So be quick with your order to enjoy […]

Order quickly!

Pay attention! Place your order before the construction holiday This is the last week before the construction holiday of Li-Tech Comfort Heating BV. Be sure to place your order before the holiday starts to get your order on time! If […]

We are closed during the construction holiday

Pay attention! We are closed during the construction holiday We are closed during the construction holiday. This holiday season runs from 4 until 22 august. Please note that your orders will take place before this date, otherwise you will have […]